Naire Lynn Poole

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Height: 5'2"  Eyes: Brown/Black   

Hair: Afro/Black  Pronouns: She/Her


Equity Membership Candidate 

Naire Lynn Poole is a Virginia-born, New York based actor, director, and organizational artist. After tackling the roles of Antigone, Hermia, and Three (hang) during her time at the Conservatory, she is running into the industry with a spacious heart and determined mind.  Amidst her acting and directing, she hopes to mirror her past incredible teachers in her own teaching. She recently served as director and editor of a full-length film adaptation of Jessica Posey’s Boring Black Play for White Mouse Productions and will to continue contributing to productions that broaden the current perceptions of marginalized groups and awaken communal empathy. Beyond the theatre, her joys are found in makeup artistry, skincare, and visual art/design. While learning from her current favorite author, Adrienne Maree Brown, Naire is magnifying and sharing her vibrant spirit to ignite others through creative endeavors.

Her name is pronounced “nay-EYE-ree”. All of the vowels are long, and the emphasis is on the i.

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